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Social package ———————————$200

  • One original Instagram post exclusively featuring your brand and product. You will be tagged in the post and on the photo.
  • Minimum of 5 tagged brand mentions on Instagram stories during campaign.
  • One featured Facebook post utilizing the Instagram post for greater reach.
  • 3 pinterest pins linked your website of choice.

Blog Post + Social Package—————–$350

  • Full blog post exclusively organically featuring your brand and product/service.
  • 3-5 High resolution photos of your brands product to use in future promotions.
  • Personalized email linked to your blog post sent out to all my subscribers 
  • Everything included in Social Package

Instagram + Facebook Post Only ———$100

Blog Post+Social Package+Tiktok——$475

À la carte

  • Instagram Post $100
  • Instagram Stories $10 per 15 sec slide
  • FaceBook $25
  • TickTok $200
  • Pinterest Pin $ 50
  • Blog Post $150.      

* Please note. I require a 50% deposit up front


Want a long term relationship? I offer Monthly Mentions. 

Additional Instagram Stories- $50 a month for 1 mention, $75 for 2. Each mention is a minimum of 5 slides with tags and a link in my bio for the duration.

Additional Tiktok Videos- $100 a month for 1 video, $150 for 2 and a link in bio for the duration.