Meet the lovely Casey Anderson

A little bit about Casey

I wanted to switch this weeks blog post up and introduce another DIY’er to you guys. Casey also lives here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada….well kinda, she live in Henderson but it’s connected to Las Vegas. It’s like a suburb. She loves creating affordable DIY’s , sharing mom life, and home decor. Here is a picture with her and her beautiful family. She just had a baby. It’s he cute???

meet Casey Anderson, DIY'er, Blogger, and instagamer,

Her project

Not only does Casey have a Instagram full of all sorts of DIY’s but she also has a blog with in-depth tutorials. Today I wanted to focus on a renovation project she did last August. Casey was kind enough to fly down to California to help renovate her parents 1970’s bathroom. She used a new tile system by Daltile which came out with a new and innovative way to add new tile over existing flooring. Casey goes into all of the details on her blog post. She did such a good job stepping you through the whole process and all the tools you would need for the project.

I wanted to share the before picture with you. The after photo is just stunning and I can’t wait for you to see it. Please take the time to check out Casey’s blog post and leave her a comment with your thoughts.

Click here to head to Casey’s Blog post.

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