Metal Yard Art using Drift Wood

I know Iv’e said this before, but I’m saying it again. This is truly the easiest DIY every, LOL. We go to the same beach every year and last year I found some really cool drift wood. I didn’t have a plan for it but I brought it home anyway. Then this past fall I was at Vintage Market which is a traveling shopping experience that comes to Las Vegas twice a year and there was this really cool booth that used drift wood with cool rustic metal art. The moment I saw it I knew exactly what to do with the drift wood.

I ended up purchasing these three metal trees and a little bird by Rusty Bird . My hubby just secured them using random screws we had leftover in the garage.

wait till you see it set up in my garden…

What do you think? I LOVE it. So cute, and simple.

Jessie Thomas

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