$15 Jumbo Jenga

I just loved this DIY. It was so simple and only took about two hours to make. 
1. 4 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber (they are only $2each at Homedpot)2. This crate from Walmart (mine was $7 in store)3. Favorite stain (this is mine)-optional 

Tools:1. Table saw or compound miter saw2. Mouse sander (would take to long to sand by hand)3. Router with a 1/4″ rounded bit  – optional3. Work gloves4. Eye protection5. Pen or pencil6. Measuring tape7. 2 lint-free rags or t-shirt scraps for the stain 

STEP 1 – supplies/tools

When picking out your boards make sure they are straight. Sometimes you can get a bowed one. We laid out all the supplies and tools in our driveway. 

STEP 2-cut

We measured out 7 1/2″ for each cut. You need 48 pieces. I don’t believe we had any extra wood left over. You should have 12 pieces for each board. 12X4=48

STEP 3-Router

We rounded all the edges with a router but if you don’t have one the sander should work. You just don’t want rough edges. 

Step 4-Sand

Next step is to sand all the pieces. This step takes the longest. 

STEP 6- Stain

My favorite stain is dark walnut. You can keep it raw wood, paint it, stain it a different color, anything you like! I didn’t put a clear wax or polly on it but you can. Especially if you allow it to get wet. 

STEP 6- Stain Crate

I didn’t sand the crate. Was pretty smooth already. This crate is perfect to set your Jena on if you don’t have a table. (made this back in October.  Can you spot my halloween decor? lol Of course all your pieces fit nicely in the crate to store when your not using it or transporting it. 

We take ours to friends houses, camping, and enjoy in our own back yard! Sometime bigger is just better!


Jessie Thomas

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