Activities for teenagers during Quarantine

I put a list together of ideas of things to do with our teenagers. Lots of ideas out there for smaller kids but what about our teens? If it was up to mine they would be playing video games the whole time BUT I have a different plan for them! These are all random ideas, no order to the madness. I will be adding more as I think of new ideas or get new suggestions. So check back! 

  • Board games/cards
  • Quarantine resources– lots of different ideas and links
  • Online rec center for families (invited by Karen) 
  • Teach them how to cook. My kids are in charge of cooking one dinner meal for the family, once a week. 
  • Cooking competition.  I have three teens. One cooks breakfast, one cooks dinner and the third cook dinner. I judge who did the best! 
  • bake cookies, desserts
  • pick weeds/ yard work
  • go on a family hike
  • Pick a show no one has seen and binge watch it together
  • wash all your window, inside & out
  • spring clean their rooms, wash sheets, clean ceiling fans, baseboards, dust, organize, put clothes to donate in garage
  • make tiktok videos
  • family bike ride 
  • teach them how to do laundry if they don’t already know
  • Teach them how to write checks
  • Banking Activities for Teens
  • puzzles 
  • camp fire outback (if you have one)(roast marshmallows) 
  • movies that were coming out in theater will be available to rent on your streaming device. (rumor is it will be about $20 a movie)
  • Take a virtual tour of a zoo or farm on Youtube 
  • Indoor activities & games for teens
  • Practice driving if they need to learn 
  • Indoor Easter Egg hunt (Easter is April 12th)
  • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is doing a FB live everyday at 12:00pm Vegas time 
  • 18 complete TV series shows you can watch
  • Google now lets you explore U.S. National Parks via 360-degree virtual tours

Fun & unique meal ideas

Ideas for Las Vegas residence

  • Take a drive down Las Vegas Blvd. It’s completely empty (as of now). Once in a lifetime to see it with no people or cars.  Just a neat drive to show your kids. 
  • Drive out to Nelson’s Landing
  • Death Valley to look at the wild flowers.
  • Printable coloring book of Las Vegas

Ideas for teen girl

  • Marco Polo their girlfriend’s (It’s a video app)
  • Mommy daughter mani & pedi’s 
  • Face masks
  • Write encouraging messages on your driveway using chalk so when people drive-by they can read it.  (Message me and I can send you an example) 

Ideas for Teen Boys

  • Play video games with them 
  • Take the dogs for walks

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