Best Amazon Kitchen Runners

Who doesn’t love a pretty kitchen runner? Currently, I have the Lady Bird Runner by My Texas House.  It truly is stunning in person.  I’m someone who likes to change things up and try new runners a couple times a year being that they are budget friendly.  They are also easier to replace because they are small and you have to move furniture around, plus they don’t take as much room to store. 
Below are a few different runner rug options that I’m loving right now. I also own the buffalo checkered one. I like to use it for the holidays.


2. Orian

3. Buffalo checkered Runner 

4. Orian Bluebonnets

1.These spot clean really well. When you need a deeping clean I take mine outside on the driveway and use the pressure washer with a little bit of dish soap.  You can use your hose too. Then I make sure it is lifted off the ground to dry. I normally hang it over our dolly. In the summer it dries within an hour and in the winter about a half a day. It will take forever to dry if it’s laying at all on the ground.
2. I’ve tried several different types of ways to keep my rugs in place. We have a 65lb boxer that loves to run around the house. So naturally we need a way to prevent the rugs from moving. I’ve even tried the reusable ones with no luck. I found this double carpet tape that works so well. It just can’t be reused. 
3. Sizing- Make sure you don’t by your runner too small.  This rug is 9′ long and most runners come in 7′ feet. It all depends on your kitchen sizing. Let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to help. 
Here is the beautiful lady Bird in my kitchen.  

Jessie Thomas

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