The Future is Here with Plunjr App- Solving your Plumping Needs Virtually

DIY with a Plunjr Expert

When Plunjr reached out to me to explain their app and how it works, I immediately thought of you guys. This is such a great idea! I’ve already told my family and friends about it because it is that valuable.

You get to speak in the app, just like FaceTime, with a licensed Plumbing Expert. This is amazing for so many reasons! The driving factor, drawing people in to use the app, is the ability to SAVE some serious money. Calling a plumber to come out to your home can be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. When calling and talking to someone such as Aaron, directly through the app there is no charge for simple fixes. He can help you order parts, which I will explain more about down below.

If it happens to be a more complicated issue, then it’s $45 for the first 15 minutes and $3 per minute after that. It’s not only significantly cheaper, but it can be whatever time is convenient for you! With us still being in the midst of Covid, most people are not wanting a tradesman in their home for health reasons, so this is an excellent alternative. Who doesn’t like saving money, their time, and (my favorite) DIYing?

You guys know how I feel about supporting small businesses. It’s so important now more than ever with these trying times. I was able to get to know the founders of Plunjr and I can attest to their knowledge and dedication to their clients. Aaron was most helpful solving a plumbing issue we have been putting off. He has 21 years of plumbing experience, so he knows his stuff.

How the Plunjr app works

It’s the easiest app I’ve ever used. Let me explain how it works. You first download the free app to your Apple or Android phone. Then simply open the app.

This plunger app allows you to connect with a professional plumber virtually.

Above is a screenshot of what the app looks like after you download it and open it up for the first time. They have spent a lot of time creating this app to make it as user friendly as possible.

All you do is hit the camera icon and you will be automatically connected to Aaron, or another plumbing pro, to help you through your issue.

This plunger app allows you to connect with a professional plumber virtually.

Once you are connected this is what your conversation will look like. There is an option to flip the camera around so that you can show them exactly what your issue is. It truly is the easiest app to navigate.

After explaining how to fix your issue, they can order parts for you and have them shipped directly to your house. If you’re not in a rush they can provide you with direct clickable links, sent right to your email, for your own local hardware store. Sometimes problems have to be solved right away, so it’s nice to have both options available. Another cool thing, they are available on weekends and do not charge extra! If for any reason the problem is serious and you aren’t able to fix it over video chat, they will dispatch a local plumber to your home to ensure it gets resolved.

Our Plumbing issue

It just so happens that I had a plumbing issue that I had been meaning to fix. We put in a reverse osmosis water filtration system last year, which we love. This system came with the water dispenser that sits right next to the water faucet. You can see it in the picture below.

Plunjr app for all your plumbing needs The Future is Here with Plunjr App- One Step Pluming Needs

Even though we only had this water faucet installed less than a year ago, it has had a hard time staying tight. My husband kept trying to tighten it with his hands, but it would never stay tight. Before calling Aaron I had taken a picture of what it looked like under the sink, and water had saturated the plywood that the counter sits on. That can’t be good.

This plunger app allows you to connect with a professional plumber virtually.

In the photo above, I am showing Aaron how loose it is. He explained to me that because of the size of the farmhouse sink the angles make it really hard to reach the nut and tighten it all the way. Tightening a reverse osmosis faucet is different from tightening your regular faucet.

The Solution

He suggested we get a tool by Ridgid that is designed to tighten nuts like this, and also has other uses. It ended up being a handy tool to have around, and very affordable. Another thing he suggested, is buying some plumber’s putty to help seal it. We never even knew of this product and it’s such a great idea to make sure it’s sealed really well, being that this area gets a lot of water, especially with messy teenagers, ha-ha.

You take this putty, roll it out like a snake, and place it under the plate that sits on your counter. You want it to come out the sides. This way you know it sealed nicely. Then you simply clean up the excess putty with a damp rag.

My husband and I wasted no time. I love a day-date to Home Depot with the hubby. Using the links that Aaron sent us, we were able to find the parts in no time. Home Depot’s website has the exact aisle and section the items are in, so we were able to get in and out. For our situation the whole process took about an hour and a half of our day. That’s amazing! After you get your parts, if you need more guidance, you just call the plumber you spoke to back in the app and they will help you the rest of the way.

If you’re still reading this you’re probably already thinking about future DIY projects. Sometimes it can be intimidating doing something without guidance for the first time. Maybe you really want to switch out that faucet sink and don’t know where to start, or you have a leak in the guest bathroom you have been putting off? These are all things that Plunjr can help you with, whenever is convenient for you.

I’m now dreaming up all these future DIY projects for the hubby and I to work on. Plumbing can be intimidating, but NOT anymore! We know Plunjr has our back!!!

You know I always like to be real with you guys. This post is sponsored by Plunjr and my thoughts are truly my own about my experience with this company. Thanks for helping support my blog.

Jessie Thomas

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