DIY Easter Baskets for Teens

Aren’t these the cutest Easter baskets ever? I thought so! I do have some bad news.  I purchase them at Micheal’s before the quarantine started, made them all cute to show you and found out they are an in store purchase only 😢 I was so bummed. I planned these Easter Baskets with the intent of you being able to go buy them too! I feel like such a tease! I do think that once the stores open back up they will still be there so you can stash them for next year! Just a thought! They will be on clearance then! I linked them below for you. 

They come natural so you can paint/stain them however you like. We have 2 boys & two girls so I decided to paint the girls white and stain the boys. In the future I plan on putting their names on them so we can use them every year. I didn’t want to venture to Walmart for that.  Just an addition I can do next year. 

Every year since the kids were little I have bought them bathing suits for their Easter baskets. I don’t like buying candy or junk they don’t need so this is something fun yet practical they can use over the summer. I have simplified their baskets as they have gotten  older. Now that they are teens I just buy them the bathing suit & a gift card. Makes it so much less complicated and something of value for them. Who doesn’t like a gift card?


Richie- 18

My oldest needed new shoes real bad so bought them instead.

Randy- 16

Skylar- 15

Savannah- 11

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your kids Easter baskets this year even if you can’t find the same baskets. Try and keep it simple, stuff they can actually use, but ascetically pleasing, to make them feel special. All human are visual!

1. Wood Easter Baskets  (just in case they start selling online)

2. Easter Target Gift Cards 

3. Easter Grass

4. Vans

Jessie Thomas

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