DIY Spring Wreath

Tulip Wreath Supplies:

  1. Grape Vine
  2. Greenery
  3. Tulips (it allows your to select different colors)


  1. wire cutters
  2. hooks to hang your wreath

I have a video linked here. (you do need and instagram)

Directions: (I made two wreaths)
1. Start by using your wire cutters to cut your greenery. It comes all bunched together and I cut it to make individual stems. 

2. I randomly place all the green pieces on the left side of the grape vine wreath.

3. Then I randomly place the tulips. I didn’t want to cut the tulip stems so I bent them in half to they were well hidden. I added a little bit of Easter, as soon as Easter was over it was easy to remove.

 4. I hung mine on two matching windows on my back patio. I did have extra supplies. You can also make it fuller than mine, or wrap it all around the wreath. 

Jessie Thomas

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