DIY wood 3 Tier Tray

This is one of my favorite quick DIY’s. We have a nice size kitchen island and I needed something that would look good to scale and fun to decorate. This tray is probably bigger in person than in the photos. 

I decided to stain it to match my vent hood and bar stools. You could also spray paint it or try a different stain. This just happens to be the stain I use throughout my whole house on all my wood projects. 

One thing I need to point out is the top tier tray. I did not link it because I found a better one on amazon for a couple bucks cheaper. I ordered it and will be replacing the one in the photo. When I bought the supplies at lowe’s before being quarantined, that was all they had. 


1. Top Tier
2. Middle tier
3. Bottom tier
4. Galvanized pieces
5. My favorite stain

The galvanized kit I have linked comes with screws. I’m not sure how long they are but guessing they are too long. So make sure your screws wont be going all the way threw the wood. 


1. Electric drill
2. Tape measure 

I used piping and flange pieces I already had, so as you can see one of the flanges looks a little different. Mine were originally silver but the ones I linked are already black. Plus, they are much cheaper on amazon than at Home Depot, like a lot. 
You can see a video on how we put this together here.

Jessie Thomas

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    1. I have nothing but problems with those links, lol. I fixed them again. you could always DM me on instagram an I can send you links there too.

          1. Which one is 14-1/2. The top or bottom. What is the size of other two?

  1. What are the diameters of the 3 wooden circles you used? And what are the lengths of the 2 metal rods you used?

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