DIY Wood Curtain Rod

I actually have these curtain rods throughout my house already and I love them so much that I wanted to share how I made them. I wouldn’t say these are budget friendly because you can buy cheap curtain rods from amazon that are made of metal or plastic. I just like the look of these and the warmth it brings to the room. Honestly, if you have the tools already, $30 isn’t that bad.
Cost: $30+
Supplies: 1. 8′ Rod2. 7″ corbel 3. Favorite stain (this is mine)4. My favorite curtains
Tools:1. Cordless Drill2.    2 in. Wood Hole Saw with Arbor3. lint free rag, old sock or t-shirtThis door is in our master bedroom.  When we moved in we hung curtains right away and they were too low and the rod should have been hung higher and wider. It makes the room look bigger. 

We only needed these two supplies. Everything else we already had so this was a $30 project for us. 

  First step is to use your 2″ hole saw to make a hole for the rod to sit in. 

You need to be pretty strong for this step. My hubby made it look easy but not sure if I could have done it by myself.  He just drilled the whole right in the middle. After he made the holes I lightly sanded the edge of the hole to smooth it out.  

Next step is to stain the three pieces.  I just use lint free paper towels but you can use an old sock or old t-shirt. One for wiping the stain and the other to remove any excess. 

These corbels come with the metal brackets already attached to the back and it comes with the screws you need. You can totally attach them to your wall this way. My husband used caulking as the glue and used our air powered nail gun. That bad boy isn’t going anywhere. He even caulked the edges. 

So a couple things that I’ve learned about hanging curtains is one, you want to hang them as high up as your wall will allow. I did not make ours flush with the wall because our ceilings are vaulted and this corbel would not have sat flush with the wall. Second, I made them wider than the door. About 5 1/2″ on each side. 

My favorite curtains are from Bed Bath and Beyond. For a sliding door you need at least the 95″ in length. These are blackout curtains and are such qood quality. For this size door you need three panels. Don’t forget to use a 20% off coupon to make them $40 each. They will take expired coupons but in store only. I know you can find cheaper curtains else where but when we moved into this house I probably bought them and returned them, lol. Costco currently has this brand in the 84″ size but they aren’t as heavy as these ones even though they are the same brand. Weird. 

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