EASY St. Patricks Day DIY Wreath

Each month on the first of the month I want to feature a new wreath. I want to use this same grape vine wreath each time to help save money and just buy the supplies to coordinate with whatever holiday or season it is that month. 
I have a time laps video on my Instagram if you would like to see me put this together in real time. Click here.

1. Grape vine wreath

2. Clover

3. Green Velvet Eucalyptus Bush

4. Green & White Berries Spray

5. Yellow Flocked Mini Queen Anne’s Lace Bush

Tools:1. Wire or floral wire cutters

I place the clover where I want it first. Slightly to the right. I stick the bottom stem under one of the grape vine stems to hold it in place. 

The flowers come in a bundle so I use wire cutters to cut each stem off individually. Do not use scissors, they wont work and will ruin your scissors. I learned the hard way years ago. 

Take the berries and bend them to spread them out. 

After I place the clover on, I just randomly start sticking the eucalyptus on the left side. Then I add in the berries weaving the two together. Lastly, I just add some yellow flowers randomly. Super easy and simple. I’ve had my wreath hanging for a couple days now and its been windy. Nothing fell over or moved.  Next month it will be easy to take it all off an create something for April!

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Jessie Thomas

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