How to Give New Life to a Cane Office Chair in 4 Steps

Solid wood pieces are a dying breed these days. So when I find a neat piece for cheap, I buy it quick. I found this a awesome solid wood chair on FB market place for $10. I was looking for a new chair for my daughter because her back has been hurting in her current chair. Ive seen a lot of cane pieces transformed and I wanted to give it a try. Cane is currently in style. A lot of people get it mixed up with wicker but they are very different.

I would say this is a fairly easy project. I first took the chair apart. I just used an electric drill with a Philips. The wheels just pull off with some strength and a flat head screwdriver.

Then I began sanding everything but the cane. I used the sander for the main areas and sandpaper for the small groves the best I could.

I used frog tape to seal to up the cane really good. This tape is better then the blue and perfect for projects like this.

I also spray painted all the metal pieces that are visible with a matte black spray paint.

I choose this Valspar paint because the chair was oak. Similar to cabinets. Paint does not cover the grain of oak but there is a product you can buy to apply first so it doesn’t show through. Because this was a $10 chair I couldn’t justify spending more money on it. Did you know you can bring just about anything to Lowes and they can color match? I took a towel to be color match it because it matches my daughters room.

We bought this AMAZING paint sprayer. It only took two coats and it cuts the painting time by 90%. No joke. This one works amazing and is very affordable.

The chair is soooo cute. I love how it turned out. I found this cute round cushion at Home Goods. Now my daughters tush will be more comfortable. I hope she likes it. I’m surprising her this weekend.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Jessie Thomas

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