How to organize your spices

You don’t have to have this spice pull out to have a nice organized spice collection. If you ever do a kitchen remodel though, I do recommend one!
1. Spice Labels

2. Small Jars

3.Large Jars

This is my favorite kitchen organization idea for anyone because it it’s cheap and makes a big difference. There are two ways you can go about revamping your spice collection. The easiest way is to keep the current spice glass jars you already have. 

I buy a lot of my spices at walmart and they have great organic spices in glass jars that make this DIY super easy. You just peel off both the front and back sticker…they are pretty easy to remove.  It will have some sticky residue and goo gone can easy help remove that. They come with silver lids so I spray painted just the outside of the lid a matte black color. Now, if you don’t like the jars your spices come in, I had several as well, you can buy these small or large spice jars. I also painted the lids matte black. 

Of course you can make your own labels by using a label maker or your computer but I found these to be the easiest and least expensive. It’s only $7 for the whole pack. If your spices are in a cupboard you can use these round stickers for the front of the bottle as well.  

As you can see this set of chalk labels have a label for just about every spice you could have.  If not, just use a chalk pen to write your custom label. I also organized the spices in alphabetical order but just using the first letter. It does make it easier to find. 



Pro Tips:
1.  If your glass jars a square like the ones from walmart make sure you put the lid on all the way before placing the label on.  Otherwise your label might be crooked. 
2. If you keep your store bought jars like the ones from walmart the expiration date is stamped at the bottom.  Otherwise just use a sharpie to write on the bottom of your new jars. Don’t forget! 
3. If your like me and had a lot of expired spices and needed to buy new ones, buy an extra jar for a friend and split the spices in half. Most people don’t use all of their spices before they expire anyway. It might motivate your friend to get organized too! 
4. If you don’t exactly have a designated area for your spices you can always buy a couple of these caddys. These are also great if you BBQ outside a lot. 

Jessie Thomas

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