My beautiful & Affordable Rug Collection

Well Hello there!! I hope you are having a wonderful day my friend!! I wanted to share my rug collection with you.

I searched far and wide for a beautiful (none oriental looking) rug with no tassels.  I am so in love with it and I’m not just saying that because it’s new, lol. I’ve had it for a couple months now. This is actually an indoor/outdoor rug which is genius for high traffic areas.  The cream part so soft. Another thing that I love is if you ever want to clean it you can take it outside and pressure wash it.  It will be a while before I have to clean this rug but I have done this with other rugs in the past.  Just water will get it clean as a whistle.  
When choosing a rug the biggest mistake I see people make is buying a rug too small for their space. If you need help, send me a message below and I would be glad to help you choose the perfect size! 

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Here is a picture of it up close so you can get a better look of the pile. If your in the market for a new rug I highly recommend this one. This is an 8X10

This rug is the star of my house. My favorite decor piece of all time. This is defiantly an investment piece. It 100% wool and very good quality. It’s made to last a life time. This is the 8’x10′

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This is my middle son Randy’s room we custom built this desk for him. You can find the tutorial here. I originally had this rug in our family room. He needed a rug and I thought this was perfect for a boy. Not too girly lol

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This is our master bedroom rug. I think it ties in so well with out big poster bed.

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Of course, you have to have a rug outside! lol I have two of these, I have another one further down on the patio under our fire pit. We love them.

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This is my oldest sons room. This is the most afford rug we have. Very budget friendly.

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ROOM SOURCES:rug // Coffee table // Recliner // couch(similar) // Pillows // DIY Riser // entertainment center // lamps // curtains

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