The best shiplap for your buck!

The hardest part about Shiplap is figuring out what materials buy. There is so many different ways you can make a shiplap wall.  I know a lot of people use plywood but the wood is so rough and does not look real in person to me.  Not to mention all the prep work you have to do before you can even get it on the wall. Plus you can’t by a 12′ piece of plywood. Which means you would have lines connecting your ship lap. It would just make it sloppy I have go the secret for you! This shiplap I found and love by the way is seriously the best. Why you say? Well,….

  1. It’s tung and groove which means each board fit together kind of like a puzzle piece.  No need to space it out yourself.  
  2. It comes already primed and ready to hang on your wall. You just have to cut the end to fit your wall space.
  3. It comes in 8′ or 12′ lengths
  4. Its sold and both Home Depot and Lowes (we bought ours at Home Depot) 
  5. Best part is it’s super affordable! 

Jessie Thomas

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