Two Kitchen Upgrades We Love

There are actually more than two ideas I love that we included in our new kitchen but today I will talk about two of them. 
The first is our dual trash cans. Here in Las Vegas we are encouraged to recycle. I’m a big advocate for it myself and try to do my part. We also have a big dog that is very clever and likes to dig in the trash and this prevents him.  This dual trash can is well worth giving up cabinet space for. Any cabinet company you choose to go with will have this option. The recycling bin also comes with a green lid so when you have parties people know to recycle.

Next up is this really cool kitchen counter pop up with three outlets & two USB slots. When not in use it sits flush with the counter. If I don’t want it to show then I just slide my 3 tier tray on top of it. When we had our counter tops installed we just had them cut a hole for it.  To have someone cut it out on an existing counter tops would run about $100. You can find this model linked here.

I love Tiktok. You can find me over there under the same name or click here to watch the video in better quality. I created this video and its had over 1 million views! I share my love for DIY’s & Home Decor on this platform as well. 

Jessie Thomas

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