Welcome to the neighborhood basket

I just think this is the sweetest idea. If I would have received something like this when we moved in, my neighbor would be my best-friend! lolI bought all of these items at Walmart with the exception of the basket which I already had. I did find a set of two on amazon.  I like to use these apple baskets for decor for fall/halloween too. 
If you would like to buy the items online, then I have provided easy links for you. 
1. Basket– set of two

2. WIFI sign 

3. Chocolate

4. candle (similar)

5. dish towels

6. printable card 

7. ribbon

I think the best part of this whole gift is the card. I found the printable on Etsy and printed it out at home. I had the whole family sign it, and wrote a nice welcome to the neighborhood message and also wrote our phone numbers in case of an emergency or anything. 

This WIFI sign is such a cute idea for a gift. Most people don’t have one already and most people do have wifi. I even gift this to friends. 

Hello? Who doesn’t love wine?? Just grab a bottle at the store to add to the basket. This is for sure a win win. Even if they don’t drink, they most likely will have company one day that does! 

I picked out this candle because it’s pretty and not too expensive  I couldn’t find the link online but found one similar with a wood lid. 

Most people love chocolate. Thought this was the perfect choice to add a little bit of sweet. 

I love, love, these hand towels! They are super nice!! I even bought a set for my house. I rolled these up and placed them in the bottom of the basket to give the other items hight. 

I didn’t link this, its just a Walmart seasonal item. If your new neighbors have kids I would pick out a little something for them. I know my new neighbors have a little girl about 8 so I choose this item for her.

Jessie Thomas

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