My Christmas Home Tour 2020 -Jessie Thomas Designs

I’m finally done decorating for Christmas. I couldn’t wait to show you. If you saw my blog post sharing my 2019 decor then you will notice I changed a few things up. Most people can’t afford to go out and buy all new decor every year so I like to move things around and just add a few things to my collection every year. Christmas red is very traditional and classic. Love my pops of red thought the house.

The rustic and layered look is really popular this year so I implemented it in my entryway.

My husband built me this tree box last year. I love it so much. You can find how we built it in the stories in my highlight reel on instagram.

I bought these gallery frame right before halloween and have loved changing out the points for the different holidays. The lights are battery operations and are the perfect added touch.

I LOVE having funning signs in my bathroom. You can shop my collection here.

I still have lots of whimsical so I try and keep it to one area.

These Terra-Cotta ordainments were such a fun DIY this year. You can find the blog post here on how I made them.

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