DIY Terra-Cotta Ornaments

This was such fun and simple DIY. Very budget friendly. Less then $15


  1. Clear ornaments (Dollar tree or micheals)
  2. A few different shades of brown paints
  3. Paint brushs
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Cup of water and paper towel
  6. Spray paint if you want to paints the lids

I didn’t end up using the pearl white, and just used a reg white. Michael’s was slim pickings this trip.

You sprinkle baking Soda over the paint so once it dries it doesn’t scratch. Your ornaments will last much longer and will look Terra-Cotta looking depending on how you paint them.

All the ornaments needed two coats

Only half of these have the second coat. The top right one need to be blended better with the second coat.

I just hung them with fishing wire I found at Walmart and clear tacks.

Jessie Thomas

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