DIY Pallet Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree Pallet: Fun Outdoor Christmas Project

Do you have an old pallet laying around? If so, turn it into a fun Christmas tree!

My mom, gave me several of these pallets October of 2019. I used them for a photo booth for halloween and I’ve been trying to come up with fun ideas on how to use them. Last year we made a tree collar that turned out so good. You can watch the video here.

If you have extra pallets you could also make one for your neighbors and spread the holiday cheer.

For us this was a free project! SCORE!


  1. Old pallet
  2. Large ruler
  3. Pencile
  4. Skill Saw
  5. Scrap wood for base/stand or 2X4
  6. Lights/star

Here is how we did it….

This pallet happened to have different shades of wood which will make the tree look super cool. You could also paint the tree white or green and that would be neat too.

First step is to measure out your tree for the cuts. We happened to have this really long ruler but any size ruler should work.

Take your skill saw and cut along your line to create your tree.

Make sure you have the top of your tree go more at a point. This is one mistake the hubby made so we ended up adding a piece to the top then cutting it after. Once the star was one you couldn’t tell.

We had a scrap piece of 2×4 that happed to be the perfect size. He took two long screws and screwed it into the middle part of the tree.

My husband ended up taking nails and nailing the 2×4 into the crack of the cement to help it stay up. We tend to get pretty high winds here. You could also stake it down to dirt. I bought this outdoor star a million years ago at of all places Walgreens. It was the perfect size star for our pallet tree.

Here she is all lit up at dusk. You can’t beat free, right? I also like that fact that the tree also looks cute during the day, not just at night,

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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