How to throw a fun Galantines party for your Besties!

I love a good reason to throw a fun themed party! This Galentine party band wagon is right up my alley! I wanted to share how I put this fun party together in 6 easy steps! 
1.  DecorationsThis is my favorite part. First I take survey of the things I already own. In this photo I already had the basics like chargers, plates, silverware, water cups and the roses in the center of the table. I set everything out on my table and build from there. I do this about a week or two before the party and slowly work on it. Next, I go to Pinterest (you can follow me here) and look for inspiration. When doing this the first thing I do is search for “Galentine inspiration” and pick three colors to stick with.  This year I chose, pink, white & gold. After I chose colors I went shopping. This year target had so much good stuff in their target dollar spot.  The small paper plates, napkins, place cards, “lets brunch babes” banner, the wood brunch sign next to the roses, & the salad tossers I found there. 

2. Mimosa BarThis buffet sits right next to my dinning table so I turned it into our mimosa bar. The cute mimosa sign is another Target dollar spot find. Walmart has the best price for carafe’s. Every where else I’ve found them to be really expensive. My cupcake stand is actually two tears and really cute, I lost the piece to make it work properly but here is the link so you can see how cute it’s supposed to be! lol You can find the mini Prosecco just about anywhere now but I found these at Target.  I bought a larger bottle for the fridge incase someone wanted a second round. The paper flowers were such a cute touch, they are linked here

3. BrunchYou don’t need to make this super fancy. I just went with the basics. I have a large griddle outback so it was easy for me to use it for the bacon, sausage, & pancakes all at once. I cleaned and prepared the fruit the night before as well as the fruit parfait’s. 

4. Treats
These are all store bought. Homegoods had cute valentines treats. You have to buy early in the season, or all the good stuff is gone. The cupcake brownies I found at Target. 

5. Party FavorsThis was super simple and inexpensive to put together. The three different favors were only $1 each.  The boxes were $15 for 12 on Amazon and are currently sold out. I added my favorite eye masks that I’ve been using for a long time. The tea towels, which were a perfect fit, came from the Target dollar spot and same with the small box of chocolates. 

6. Take lots of memorable PicturesI defiantly failed in this department.  Next time I’m going to make a better plan when it come to taking pictures during the party, These are the only decent pictures we took. 

Jessie Thomas

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