Laundry Room Renovation Phase 4- How to install Vinyl planking

Laundry room renovation

This was such an easy project. I really love these vinyl planking strips. They are double sided and you can use either side. These are great for high traffic areas and great if you have kids and/or dogs. They wipe down really easy and are low maintenance. They are pre-painted and ready to go.


  1. Vinyl planking
  2. liquid nails
  3. Nail gun
  4. Jig saw
  5. Vinyl trim piece
  6. Vinyl baseboard
  7. Fil-Stik
  8. Level
Laundry room renovation

We used liquid nails and a nail gun to attach it to the wall.

He also uses a long level to make sure they are standing up straight.

This Fit-Stik is great to fill in the holes from the nail gun.

We also purchased a 1 1/2″ by 8′ vinyl trim piece to finish the look.

We love how this project turned out. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Jessie Thomas

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