Part 2- Our Las Vegas House Demo Begins

So we received the keys on December, 14th 2018. We didn’t need to be out of our rental till January 7th.  We had 23 days to demo the house, paint it and start the flooring all while my husband maintained his full time job and it being Christmas. First order of business was renting the biggest dumpster we could find. We actually filled up two of these!

We rented this demolition hammer at Home Depot that specifically helps removed tile and the thinset they use to lay the tile. This was by far the hardest part of the demolition.  

Every room had big mounds of tile that we had to wheelbarrow out. It wasn’t fun but it felt so good to accomplish after we were done. I couldn’t imagine taking this all to the dump ourselves!   

We were so dirty and miserable.  This took two solid days to take up 2200sq of tile. 

After we removed all the tile, base boards, & molding around the doors we decided the coat closet was really unnecessary.  By taking it out it really opened up this space to help flow these two rooms together. 

It was not in the original plans but Hubby said might as well do the kitchen now.  Cabinets had to go! 

We were able to donate the cabinets and counter tops.  We kept the island a little while longer so we had counter space while we painted and started the floor. 

This is the guest bathroom. We demoed everything but the tub/shower

This is the master bath. We also demoed everything but the shower & tub. 

We also trashed all the air vents, blinds, outlets, light switches and of course the thermostat! All of this trash took two of the biggest trash bins we rented. It was so nice not to worry about hauling all the trash to the dump and worth every penny.  So, all that was left in the house was the shower & tubs.

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Jessie Thomas

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