My Top 5 Reader DIY Favorites in 2020

Happy 2021!! Can we all agree that 2020 was the longest year ever? I’m so glad you are here with me to start this new year off with me. This year is going to be amazing, why? Because I believe in the power if positivity and this is what I am manifesting for this year. Before I talk about what I have planned for this year I wanted to share with you my top 10 DIY’s that you guys love the most.

The top 5 Reader Reader DIY Favorites in 2020

  1. DIY wood Riser tray– this was everyones favorite DIY I created this year. It is super simple and anyone can DIY this with no experience. Click here to be taken to the blog post where I show you the step by step process on how make this.

2. DIY Chicken Condo This was MY favortie DIY in 2020. It probably was our longest DIY last year. I used to have chickens growing up so when we bought this house I thought having 3 little girls not only for eggs but also sweet pets. We love them and are so glad we we decided to build them their coop.

3. DIY Wood 3 Tier Tray- This project blew up on Pinterest. Was pretty cool. If your are into decorating tier trays this is the perfect project. Not too difficult.

4. DIY Curtain Rod– I love this curtain rod. You can of course buy one made of metal or plastic but it won’t look as cool and this DIY is better quality not to mention stylish.

5. DIY Slat Wall– I loved this DIY! A little time consuming but sooo well worth it. I think this made such a big impact. Who needs a formal living room when you can have a cool bar room.

Jessie Thomas

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